DG for Security and Safety 


Directorate-General for Security and Safety  


The Directorate-General for Security (DG SAFE) works to facilitate Parliament activities, while guaranteeing sufficient protection to people, assets and information.


Its main tasks are: 

  • providing the most appropriate security and safety services to Members and the institution;
  • deploying appropriate security measures, based on applicable security policies and sound risk assessment;
  • facilitating accreditation and access to Parliament premises and welcoming a wide range of occupants and visitors, including - Members and their entourage, Parliament and other EU institutions officials, service providers, journalists, interest group representatives, diplomats and general visitors;
  • deploying and managing innovative and efficient physical access control systems;
  • communicating, training and informing on security and safety matters;
  • cooperating with all entities and groups to enhance security posture and create a positive security culture;
  • assuring security, safety and prevention needs 24 hours a day, ensuring remote monitoring of buildings and technical installations.



    • An official at the European Parliament since 1991, her first assignment was to the Regional Affairs Committee, subsequently joining the Constitutional Affairs Committee, where she was in charge, in particular, of assisting the EP negotiating team at the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC), which led to the Treaty of Nice.


      In 2002, she joined the secretariat of the European Convention, which drafted the European Constitution. On returning to Parliament, she was in charge of assisting the EP negotiating team at the IGC on the Constitutional Treaty.


      From 2004 until 2012, she was the Head of Unit of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. During this same period, she was in charge of assisting the EP negotiating team at the IGC leading to the Treaty of Lisbon. She was also responsible for assisting the EP negotiating team at the Intergovernmental Conference, which drafted the Treaty on Stability, Cooperation and Governance.


      From 2012 to 2014, she was a senior adviser in the cabinet of the President of the European Parliament, in charge of the governing bodies of the Parliament (Conference of Presidents and Bureau) and of legal and institutional affairs.


      From May 2014 to February 2021, she was the Director for Legislative Affairs in the Legal Service. 


      Since 2017 she is a visiting professor at the College of Europe (Bruges).

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Directorate for Security Operations 

  • Guy  MOLS 

    • Director
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Directorate for Safety, Access and Assistance 

  • Lisbeth Grodum  KNUDSEN 

    • Director
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Directorate for Resources 

  • Patricia  JIMENEZ LOZANO 

    • Director

Directorate for Technologies and Information 


    • Director
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