DG for Innovation and Technological Support 


Directorate-General for Innovation and Technological Support  


The Directorate-General for Innovation and Technological Support (ITEC) provides Parliament with information and communication technology services as well as printing and distribution services. It implements Parliament's policy of transparency and access to information and helps Parliament to work more efficiently.


Its main tasks are: 

  • developing and maintaining a shared internal working space allowing multilingual access at any time and from any place to all vital documents and data;
  • as part of an innovation strategy, analysing, designing, developing and maintaining Parliament's information systems for the Members, the political groups, the Directorates-General, the European Ombudsman and the Data Protection Supervisor;
  • drawing up and ensuring compliance with a secure and viable technical strategy and defining all the various components of computing and telecommunications systems;
  • printing and distributing (also electronically) Parliament's working documents (committee meetings, plenary sittings, etc.);
  • publishing legislation and documents in the Official Journal (minutes, texts adopted, written questions, etc.) and producing other publications in cooperation with the Office for Official Publications.


  • Lorenzo  MANNELLI 

    • Director-General
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Directorate for Development and Support 

  • Philip  TULKENS 

    • Director
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Directorate for Infrastructure and Equipment 

  • Margarida  ABECASIS 

    • Director
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Directorate for Publishing, Innovation and Data Management 

  • Pierfrancesco  SABBATUCCI 

    • Acting Director
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Directorate for Resources 

  • Sarita  KAUKAOJA 

    • Director
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Chief Information Systems Security Officer 

  • Pascal  PARIDANS 

    • Director
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