DG for Infrastructure and Logistics 


Directorate-General for Infrastructure and Logistics  


The Directorate-General for Infrastructure and Logistics is responsible for managing infrastructure and logistics in Parliament's various places of work.


Its main tasks are: 

  • technical and administrative management of Parliament's buildings in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg and the information offices in the Member States;
  • management of the equipment and services departments involved in running the buildings;
  • management of equipment (purchasing, transport, removals, message services, catering, furniture, shops, etc.) and practical arrangements for meetings.


  • Leena Maria  LINNUS 

    • Director-General
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Directorate for Integrated Facility Management 

  • Christine  BAHR 

    • Director
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Directorate for Logistics 

  • Armin  MACHMER 

    • Director
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Directorate for Resources 

  • Lars Vind  SORENSEN 

    • Director
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Directorate for Building Projects 

  • Miguel  PAPI BOUCHER 

    • Director
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