DG for Logistics and Interpretation for Conferences 


Directorate-General for Logistics and Interpretation for Conferences  


The Directorate-General for Logistics and Interpretation for Conferences (DG LINC) is the multilingual conference service hub of the European Parliament.

Our mission is to enable the European Parliament to achieve its political objectives by providing linguistic, technical and logistical support to meetings and conferences.

Our services support the democratic legitimacy of the Institution by helping the Members of Parliament get their message across in any of the official languages. We thus enable the legislative process and make it accessible to the citizens of Europe.


The Directorate-General for Logistics and Interpretation for Conferences (DG LINC) provides the linguistic, technical and logistical support for the organization of the parliamentary meetings and conferences of EP Members and bodies.

DG LINC supports European Parliamentary Democracy by facilitating the legislative process as well as by providing a direct link to the citizens of the Union. In accordance with the European Parliament policy on multilingualism, DG LINC enables Members to communicate across linguistic barriers, thus helping to underpin the democratic legitimacy of the Institution.

DG LINC's general objectives are to supply state-of-the-art conference facilities, including high quality interpretation services and conference organisation in a professional, flexible as well as sustainable and resource-efficient manner.

The following services fall under the remit of DG LINC: 

  • High-level conference interpretation services in accordance with the Code of Conduct on Multilingualism
  • Complementary interpretation services in specific settings
  • Administration of Parliament’s meeting rooms, in cooperation with the relevant services in DG IPOL/DG EXPO and the political groups
  • Provision of state-of-the-art conference technology, including interpretation and meeting room equipment as well as multilingual remote participation technologies
  • Meeting room preparation and technical, logistical and protocol assistance as well as passive security during parliamentary meetings, events, ceremonies and official visits
  • Conference and event organisation for internal bodies of the European Parliament as well as external bodies and management of EP exhibition spaces, including the Esplanade Solidarność 1980
  • Provision of conference interpretation for other institutions and bodies within the framework of inter-institutional cooperation.


Directorate for Interpretation 

  • Alison  GRAVES 

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Directorate for Operational Planning 


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Directorate for Conference Organisation 

  • Tomasz  BAŃKA 

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Directorate for Resources 

  • Bernadette  LIGETI 

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