Parliament shall be assisted by a Secretary-General appointed by the Bureau.

The Secretary-General shall give a solemn undertaking before the Bureau to perform his duties conscientiously and with absolute impartiality.

The Secretary-General shall head a Secretariat the composition and organisation of which shall be determined by the Bureau.

The Bureau shall decide on the establishment plan of the Secretariat and lay down regulations relating to the administrative and financial situation of officials and other servants.

The Bureau shall also decide on the categories of officials and other servants to which Articles 11 to 13 of the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Union are to apply wholly or in part.

The President of Parliament shall inform the appropriate institutions of the European Union accordingly.


Directorate for Innovation and Central Services 

The Secretary-General is directly assisted by several services of the European Parliament responsible for organising the proceedings of EP political bodies such as the Bureau, the Conference of Presidents and the political groups. In addition to this, a few sensitive services come under the direct supervision of the Secretary-General.

  • Secretariat of the Bureau and Quaestors
  • Secretariat of the Conference of Presidents
  • EMAS /Eco-Management and Audit Scheme/ and Sustainability Unit
  • Corporate Strategy and Innovation Office
  • Data Protection Unit
  • Risk, Crisis and Business Continuity Unit
  • Archives
  • Document Management Unit
  • Internal Communication /IDEA/ Unit
  • Resources Unit

                                                                    * * *

  • Directorate for Relations with Political Groups

                                                                    * * *

The Internal Audit Service (IAS) is attached to Parliament's Secretary-General for administrative purposes only. ln line with the Charter of the Internal Auditor, the latter is accountable to the Bureau and to the Audit Panel for the performance of his duties.