The Future of the EU and the Transatlantic Relationship 



The Secretary-General Klaus Welle and H.R. McMaster, the host of the Battlegrounds talks-series run by the Hoover Institute discuss European Parliament’s priorities including the EU response to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian and security crisis.

Klaus Welle and H.R.McMaster in a Battleground discussion on the future of the EU and Transatlantic relationship


Battlegrounds provides a needed forum with leaders from key countries to share their assessment of problem sets and opportunities that have implications for U.S. foreign policy and national security strategy. Each episode features H.R. McMaster in a one-on-one conversation with a senior foreign government leader to allow Americans and partners abroad to understand how the past produced the present and how we might work together to secure a peaceful and prosperous future.

In this particular broadcast Klaus Welle explains that the current crisis has unified the EU’s 27 member states, which have, together, delivered the most severe set of sanctions ever imposed on Russia. The EU has banned coal imports from Russia, has sent $1.5 billion to Ukraine in military equipment and has welcomed refugees fleeing the war zone.

The EU is seeking total energy independence from Russia, emphasises in the discussion Klaus Welle. It aims to increase the number of renewable sources in order to not only manage their economies during this current crisis but also to address the long-term challenge of climate change. 

The entire discussion can be seen in this video [length: ca. 46’]