ESPAS yearly conference: How to build a more resilent Europe? 



At the 2020 ESPAS Conference, Klaus Welle participated in the panel ‘Towards a more resilient Europe: Assessing risks, opportunities and capabilities'. With his introductory presentation, he contributed to an active discussion about the future of Europe.

Major risks facing the European Union - Research conducted by the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS) - presented by the Secretary-General Klaus Welle


The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) is a well-established inter-institutional framework for cooperation and consultation on the administrative level. In it European Union (EU) institutions and bodies work together on medium- and long-term trends facing or relating to the European Union and its policy-makers. 
This dialogue was established in 2010 as a means of promoting longer-term thinking in the EU policy process and encouraging the Union’s various institutions to cooperate more closely in this field.
Together with the European Commission, the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS) organises the annual ESPAS Conference. This two-day event brings together foresight experts, policy-makers, academia and interested people from around the globe. This year it was held virtually for the first time given the circumstances caused by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic - more about the event.

The contribution by Mr Welle can be watched in this video (length: 10’)
The slides presented by Mr Welle are available under this link (PDF)