9th Innovation Day: The EU in the world created by the Ukraine war 



The 9th edition of the Innovation Day of the European Parliament Administration (EPA) was conducted on 1 July and it looked at the crisis created by the war in Ukraine from a number of standpoints, elaborated in a series of thought-provoking panel discussions and three high-calibre plenary sessions.

Everything starts with understanding that the Ukraine war is not just a regional conflict. It has effectively destroyed the security architecture established in 1945 and redone in 1991. If sovereign countries can be attacked, invaded and incorporated by force in another country, then it means we are living in a different world”, Parliament’s Secretary-General Klaus Welle said during his introduction at the opening session. 

So we see that this conflict goes far beyond Ukraine in time and in space, and it may be setting the frame for the next 25 years, in a time when everything is being weaponised: refugees used in Belarus to destabilise Poland, energy cut off to destabilise European countries and their populations, and even a food blockade to starve people next winter. With those threats, NATO alone does not have the only answer, it does not have the complete toolkit for that, and the EU must complement what NATO cannot deliver”, the Secretary-General concluded.

The European Parliament’s administration can help prepare the urgent political work of the Members of the European Parliament in all policy areas affected by analysing, for each of them, the state-of-play, the demands of the Parliament so far, the initiatives of the European Commission, and most importantly, what may still need to be done. By doing so, the administration empowers the Members to be active players in agenda-setting. The purpose of the Innovation Day was precisely to carry on this reflection.


Klaus Welle and Roberta Metsola 9th Innovation Day of the European Parliament Administration with participation of EP President Roberta Metsola - European Parliament, Brussels, 1 July 2022


The consequences and the wide-reaching implications of the Ukraine war for Europe and the various policy areas were discussed throughout the day in panels, bringing together in-house policy experts, colleagues from other European institutions and think tanks.

The speech by Mr Welle can be watched in this video (length: 10’)
A publication presented on the occasion of this Innovation Day can be downloaded (PDF)